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This is a nursing podcast and blog primarily for emergency nurses.  This podcast will help you practice at the highest level in order to achieve the best outcome for your patients – no matter what the situation presents. Learn how to apply critical care techniques to your patients in your ED and reduce their morbidity and mortality. Not an ED or Resus RN? Listen in and read the extra information in the blog! Critical care techniques can be applied across the board. If your patient decompensates suddenly, you’ll be ready!

Nursing care in the ED matters! The “real care” starts in our EDs, not after a patient goes upstairs to their admission bed. Nursing is absolutely vital within the multi-discplinary care, we implement the care. We’re at the bedside recognizing that a patient is decompensating and immediate intervention is needed, not the docs. Our patients are coming into our EDs sicker than ever. Hopefully this podcast will help you be calm and collected during these stressful situations and save some lives!

Host of the Resus Nurse Podcast and Blog – Yun Cee Dirsa, RN, CEN

Hello!  My name is Yun Cee Dirsa and I am a full-time emergency nurse who works in New York. I started out working in a very busy urban Level 1 Trauma Center’s Emergency Department that seemed to see just about anything all the time.  I love working in an Emergency Department as a nurse because I get to figure out what is wrong with the patient alongside the providers. It’s a unique department that encompasses many other services (Med Surg, ICU, Surgery, Ambulatory, Psyche, etc.) but with more urgency.  I tend to spend most of my time in the Resus Bay.

There have been several doctors and nurses, in particular, who have encouraged me to practice with a true multidisciplinary approach. It requires an in-depth knowledge of pathophysiology, clinical presentation, treatment, expected outcomes, and how to act quickly when things don’t go as expected. This required a lot of self-education that was beyond what’s available in nursing textbooks – reading medical journals, reading blogs, listening to podcasts, reading medical textbooks, and asking a lot of questions to my coworkers. I have and still benefit greatly with the advent of FOAMED, but there really wasn’t anything for nursing.

Over the past few years, I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a nursing podcast and blog so other nurses can have a resource to turn to. We have a lot of amazing doctors creating amazing podcasts and blogs, but if we don’t have a lot of amazing nurses implementing cutting-edge medicine to our patients – our patients don’t benefit from all this knowledge.  So in the spirit of FOAMED and a lot of support and encouragement, the Resus Nurse Podcast and Blog is here.

Gonzo General Hospital

The Resus Nurse Podcast and Blog works at Gonzo General Hospital.

Gonzo General Hospital is an imaginary hospital located somewhere in New York City and treats imaginary patients with imaginary situations.

An imaginary hospital offers the ability to protect patients and allows medical education at the same time. Any resemblance to a real patient would be an incredible coincidence. No imaginary patients were harmed in the making of the Resus Nurse Podcast and Blog.

Noah Dirsa, Original Artwork

Original artwork for the Resus Nurse Podcast and Blog was created by Noah Dirsa. Noah is an artist and a Creative Director of Digital Brand Content.

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