007 Push Dose Pressors – The Full Safety Dance

  I’m not a powerful Jedi Master with Force Visions and frankly, unable to see into the future. Hello Star Wars fans!   This is a follow-up bonus episode in response to Episode 5 Push Dose Pressors, listeners’ questions, and also in light of recent journal articles that recently got published. Timing was completely coincidental… Read More 007 Push Dose Pressors – The Full Safety Dance

006 Push Dose Pressor – Safety Dance

Hi Everyone! Thank you all for listening and sending me comments about the Push Dose Pressor episode that was released a few days ago. A safety issue has come up about mixing epinephrine for push dose concentrations and it warrants a follow-up comment.  Everyone thank Craig Button, RN! It is advised to NOT used pre-filled… Read More 006 Push Dose Pressor – Safety Dance

005 Push Dose Pressors

Why Use Push Dose Pressors? To buy yourself some time with your super hypotensive patients!! Ensure your patient’s perfusion status while you are trying to: intubate managing transient hypotension preparing a drip preparing a central line Know which medication to use based on clinical presentation of patient. Dr. Scott Weingart’s Easy Push Dose Printout (It… Read More 005 Push Dose Pressors