001 Your Standards Are Too High!

Welcome to the very first episode of the Resus Nurse Podcast! Spoiler alert: The goal is elevate emergency nursing, so we are practicing at the highest level in order to achieve the BEST outcome for our patients—no matter what the situation presents.

Nursing care in the ED matters! The “real care” starts in our EDs, not after a patient goes upstairs to their admission bed. If one of your family members needs resuscitation care, what standards would you want to be applied to your loved ones? Nursing is absolutely vital within the multi-discplinary care, we implement the care. We’re at the bedside recognizing that a patient is decompensating and immediate intervention is needed, not the docs.

Our patients are coming into our EDs sicker than ever. Hopefully this podcast will help you be calm and collected during these stressful situations and save some lives!

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