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A Special K Trip Part 3 – Ketamine for Analgesia & Tranquilization

And now for the conclusion of the 3-part ketamine series with Reuben Strayer. Today’s episode is Part 3 focusing on Ketamine for analgesia and extremely uncontrollable violent patients.

If you haven’t already, go back and listen to Episode 7 where Reuben talks about ketamine and how different dosing can have different applications in the ED setting. In Episode 8, Reuben talks about ketamine for PSA & RSI.

Ready to continue with your Ketamine trip w/Reuben? Here we go!

Ketamine for Analgesia

Who gets ketamine? Chronic pain, poly trauma, oncology pain, etc.


  • 0.3mg/kg
  • 0.1-0.3mg/kg have been used.

No pumps for bolus dose? No problem.

  • Of course, administering through a pump will always be the gold standard.

How to administer:

  • Inject the analgesic dose into NS 100mL and infuse over 15 minutes.
    • 15 minutes = 400mL/hr (best!)
    • 10 minutes = 600mL/hr (not much difference)
  • Why are we diluting the ketamine dose for administration? To prevent psychiatric emergence or your patient from “freaking out.”
  • Ketamine drips – always use a pump. (Not everyone will get a drip)
    • 0.1mg/kg and titrated every 30 minutes.
  • No monitoring required.
    • *Use your discretion, if you feel that your pt needs monitoring – put your patient on a monitor and alert your provider.

Some pretty good articles, full list below:

Ketamine for Tranquilization

Who gets it? Your huge guy where you have a small army of security and staff trying to hold him down and you are concerned for the patient’s and staff’s safety.

How often are you using this? Rarely.


  • Dissociative Intramuscular (IM) Dose: 4-6mg/kg
  • 500mg IM Adult dosing = approx. 100kg person

Monitoring required with airway capable provider at bedside. 

Safety Pearl for Violent and Agitated patients (whether you use ketamine or not):

  • Don’t attempt to put in an IV line! (If your provider asks, say “No thank you!”)
  • Administer IM through the clothing.
  • No alcohol swab needed.
  • Team approach to hold down patient for patient and staff safety.

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