013 Part 2 – PCI Post Cardiac Arrest w/Markus dela Cruz, RN


Markus dela Cruz, RN

Mark is an ED Nurse extraordinaire who turned into a Cath Lab RN. He is also found working in PACU units and still works some ED shifts. Mark also considers himself a foodie and likes exploring Queens, NY. Mark works at a Level 1 Trauma Center that is also a STEMI receiving center in Queens, NY.

Fun fact: When I first started working, there were rumors that Mark can get an IV line with a full set of labs on sick patients with NO tourniquet! To this day, I believe this may be more truth than fiction.

Disclaimer: This is how Mark and I manage our STEMI patients going to the Cardiac Cath lab for PCI. These are suggestions. Follow your institution’s policies.

“The minute that fellow or that doctor opens up that vessel – you see the color returning, pt’s vital signs are stabilizing, and the pain is completely gone. I’m having goosebumps telling you this. ” – Markus dela Cruz, RN

Need to listen to Part 1?

Listen to Part 1 of my discussion with Markus dela Cruz, RN where we went over all the nitty gritty details on how to send your STEMI patient to the Cath lab STAT!

PCI Post Cardiac Arrest

Who is eligible?

  • Patient Viability
  • How long patient was down for?
  • Safe for patient?
    • PCI will be adding more stress to the heart
  • Involve Family for shared decision making


  • Send your patient ASAP!
  • Send your patient with a secured airway
  • Cath Lab MDs are unable to assist with a code or intubation – they are scrubbed in.
    • May only have 2 nurses running the code.
  • Pt most likely in cardiogenic shock
  • If Pt codes during transfer and/or at the Cath lab – Door to balloon time of <90 minutes still applies.
  • Send Pt with 3 or more IV medlock lines
  • Undress Pt completely
  • Coordinate All Essential Personnel for Transfer to the Cath Lab Post ROSC
    • Respiratory Therapist
    • Transporter

Prep your patient as much as possible so the Cath Lab can perform PCI quickly!

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