016 Best of 2017 “Making a Difference”

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Courtesy of Marie MacMillan


Courtesy of Marie MacMillan

Marie is a Critical Care nurse from the Pacific Northwest who decided to share nurse’s stories in the form of a podcast.

Writer / Host of Head-to-Toe Podcast






Thank you Marie MacMillan of Head-to-Toe Podcast for having me on the “Making a Difference” Best of 2017 Episode!

Listen to the whole episode! I feel honored to be part of a group of nurses working so hard to improve nursing and healthcare!

Click here for the link to listen…

Show Notes from Head-to-Toe Podcast

Best Stories 2017 – “Making a difference” version

Opening an innovative hospital unit. Speaking at the Smithsonian. Finding restitution for cancer victims. Supporting medical students in the Third World. Launching a national foundation. Publishing a book. Starting a podcast. Seven professionals discuss highlights from their healthcare work in 2017.

  • Dr. Tiffany Kelley, Nurse Entrepreneur – Nightingale Apps
  • Dr. Carrie Sue Halsey, CNS Center for Nursing Excellence, St. Luke’s Health
  • Kim Visintine, Cold Water Creek Just the Facts
  • Yun Cee Dirsa, RESUS Nurse Podcast
  • Angela Simpson, Silent No More Foundation
  • Dr. Ken Waxman – Doctors Without Borders and Future Doctors for South Sud
  • Dr. Jim Rickards – Moda Health


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